I am from Milwaukee, but Dallas is where I went to college and it has been my home for much of my life. After graduating from law school, I worked in a large firm in Houston, followed by a stint in political work during the 2011 Texas legislative session, and then five years in a tax and estate planning boutique firm.

My goal in starting my firm was to focus on the practice areas in which in which I have the greatest interest and in which I can provide value to clients who seek my advice.

The areas in which I have chosen to practice- tax planning, business law, estate planning, and asset protection- are linked in that practice in one logically led to another. After graduation from law school, I obtained an LL.M. in Taxation. At my first job, most of my work involved business taxation that centered on large, often publicly-traded corporations and partnerships. Gaining familiarity with business law was the natural result of providing tax advice, since business and tax matters are tightly linked. I continued to practice corporate and partnership tax as my career progressed, but my practice expanded to include estate tax planning. Estate planning deals with significant tax questions, of course, but it involves much more than tax considerations; it also involves questions such as how to plan for disability later in life, how to protect one’s assets from others, and how a person directs the passing of their property upon passing.

I believe that there is currently an under served legal market for people who wish to integrate their estate planning and their plan for their golden years along with their business and tax planning. This is particularly true if those people own a small business or have special tax considerations. While large law firms can offer unparalleled sophistication in many areas, they are not always responsive to people with the above concerns. Many smaller law firms address some of these issues, but often not all of them. And if they do address all of them, it is often through multiple attorneys. It is my goal to help fill this void in the legal market by providing efficient “one-stop shopping” for those with business or tax concerns who also wish to plan for their older years and beyond.

My home is in Richardson, a suburb of Dallas, and I devote most of my time outside work to various interests, including health and fitness, personal finance and investing, and reading. I also play basketball (poorly), practice Brazilian jiu jitsu (quite poorly), and have just started learning how to play the piano (very poorly).

University of Dallas, Bachelor of Arts (2002)
Vanderbilt University Law School, Juris Doctor (2007)
New York University School of Law, LL.M. in Taxation (2008)